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Dude, You Left Your Car Out

April 12, 2011

Each night before I head to bed there are a number of things I do.

I let the dog out.  I check my email and facebook.  I check that the doors are locked and the oven is off.  I let the dog in.  I check the doors again (OCD?).  And I check to make sure the garage door is down and the garage light is off. 

I wonder if Brian realizes all this.  He seems to decide to go to bed and then starts snoring 5 minutes later with no regard to the doors or the oven.

He should be thankful I take charge of all these little things because last night there were “issues”.

I went through my normal routine and peeked out into the garage to discover that the garage door was still open.  That was strange.  I pushed the button to close the door but it wouldn’t go down.  Hmm…something must be blocking the sensor.  I walk out to see what’s going on and discover someone’s CAR sitting half in & half out of the garage.  Seriously?  I remember a certain someone working out in the garage earlier in the evening and realized he must have pulled his car out enough to work but not all the way.

I have a couple of choices at this moment.  I can wake him up and make him pull his car in or I can do it myself. 

In case I haven’t mentioned, this particular car is a “stick” and I hate the stick.

I run back in to grab the keys to move the car myself.  I head back outside to realize I grabbed the keys to my car.  I go back in to grab the right set of keys.  As I’m walking around to the driver’s side I noticed that the car is parked WAY over near the side of the garage and may be tricky to get into the garage. 

Have I mentioned that I don’t like driving a stick?  I start the car and try to slowly pull into the garage while avoiding the wall and my car.  I stall the car.  I start the car again and try to creep into the garage.  I move a couple of feet and stall the car again.  I start the car again (3rd times a charm, right?) and begin to have visions of crashing the car into the workbench.  I start to cry  (not really).  Somehow I manage to get the car into the garage.  Whew!

I finally head up to bed.  Brian is asleep.  The window is open.  I wonder how why he didn’t hear me starting his car — THREE times!  I crawl into bed and quickly realize that I never let the dog out.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be up wanting out at 3:00 in the morning.  I don’t worry about it.  If he gets up I’ll pretend I’m sleeping and let Brian take care of it.  It’s the least he can do, don’t you think?

The dog made it all night.  Brian headed out to work with NO recollection of leaving his car out (and I didn’t say anything…I thought he might remember…guess he’ll realize when he reads the blog).  I think HE’S gonna start checking the garage every night from now on!  No more late night drives for me.

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  1. cindy permalink
    April 12, 2011 7:56 pm

    I call this the windham check. Grandma always checked and then I started doing the windham check. So you get it from the windhams.

  2. jean permalink
    April 12, 2011 11:53 pm

    I am upstairs now and I just finished “the check”. I was nervous reading your blog about you driving the stick shift. So glad there was no damage done!!

  3. Kevin permalink
    April 14, 2011 3:18 pm

    Just tell Brian to make sure he has paid the insurance on the ‘Tang (I am assuming it is that one) – The pulling into the garage – stick – reminds of when I let you Dad try to ride my new motorcycle. Varoom – Varoom – let out clutch – ran into SIDE of garage door frame…….

  4. jean permalink
    April 20, 2011 6:54 pm

    I remember when Dad wrecked Kevin’s motorcycle in our driveway!!!!

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