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April 28, 2011

I’m totally over the stormy weather we’ve been having the past week & a half!  Last week was spring break and it was very rainy.  The rain & nightly storms have continued and I’m tired of the storms and just plain tired!  I’d love a good night of sleep!!

Tay has had OAA reading and math testing this week.  I’m not a huge fan of standardized testing but since it’s not optional we got it done.  The first day I stayed at the testing site and talked to another mom.  She’s been schooling at home for 5 years.  She said this was the first time she’s been to testing and someone has talked to her.  I just don’t get that.  I think people should be friendlier to each other.  I learned more about her in the two hours that we talked that I know about some people I’ve known for years! 

During testing today I roamed around a nearby store.  Found a few things, including a Mickey shirt and some pj’s for Tay.  Of course she hates them.  Why do I bother?  Seems I can’t pick out any clothes for her these days!  The girl knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like.  And what she doesn’t like is a Mickey shirt and pj’s with poodles on them.

I got a text message from Nick a while ago.  It said “Can you bring me a pepsi?”.  When did I start offering room service? 

Then I got a text from Brian asking if I would make some iced tea.  Do these people think they live in a restaurant? 

With testing, sleepless nights, and some other things going on this week my house is a wreck!  Maybe I’ll finally be home long enough tomorrow to do something about it.  For now though, I think I’ll go load the dishwasher so it at least appears like I did something around here today!

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  1. jean permalink
    April 29, 2011 12:15 pm

    Thanks for making me laugh today. You are a great blogger!!!!

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