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Heard Around the House

May 1, 2011

A couple of days ago, Taylor sent Brian a text.  I have no idea what the text said and for some reason he didn’t understand what she was telling him.  As we were watching t.v. that night…

Tay:  You would have understood that text if you had read it with a Brittish accent.

Hmm…now I’m even more curious what it said!



Nick:  Can I go to a movie with some friends?

Me:  Who’s going?

Nick:  (names off friends…won’t list them here for their privacy)

Me:  (I had heard the names but didn’t know the boys)  Are they nice boys?

Nick:  Yeah.  Well once you get past the drug use they’re pretty good.

Well that makes me feel better…and yes, I still let him go.  I sat right behind them but I let him go.  (not really but that would have been good, don’t you think?)


After filling us full of Justin Bieber facts (and she knows about all there is to know about him)….

Brian:  You know Tay, that seems to be borderline stalker.

Tay:  Oh there’s nothing borderline about it.  I am a stalker.

Should we be worried?

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