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Oh What a Morning

May 6, 2011

I went for a mammogram this morning (TMI?  You can stop reading now if you’d like.  Ha!). 

My appointment was at 8:30 but they asked me to be there at 8:10.  I arrived about 8:15 (what is my problem?  I used to be on time for everything.).  I wait at the reception desk to check in like they told me on the phone.  When it’s finally my turn I’m told I didn’t need to check in but to go ahead to the imaging center.  I head to the imaging center (it’s now 8:25) and they can’t find my appointment in the computer.  Hmm…  A little more looking around and it’s found.  But I’m not scheduled at the imaging center.  I’m scheduled at the hospital next door.

I hustle out to my car and drive over to the hospital.  I park a mile and a half from the door and hustle into the building.  I stop at the front desk like I was told and wait for a couple minutes.  Now, I’m not waiting because there are people in front of me…I’m waiting because the gals working the desk were so interested in their magazine they had to finish their conversation before they could direct me to where I needed to go.  They gave me a pager (like at a restaurant) and told me to wait.  My pager goes off and I head to yet another “check in” station.

I’m asked for my i.d.  Seriously?  Are they really worried that someone is going to use my name to schedule this type of appointment?  If someone wants to be me that bad I say go for it!  They can take my upcoming dentist appointment as well (as soon as I make my upcoming dentist appointment). 

After proving my identity and signing several papers that I didn’t read, I head to yet another waiting room.  And I wait…and wait.  No People magazine (and you know I think ALL doctor’s offices should have People magazine).  I settle for the next best thing, “Dog Fancy”  (it was either that, Time, or the Robb Report – whatever that is).  It was the “best puppy issue” and it sure didn’t disappoint.  The “trick of the month” was to teach your dog to look left, right, and then left again.  Really?  Why would they need to do this?  Are they looking both ways before crossing the street?  It didn’t mention reminding them to look for cars.  I’m just afraid my dog would use it to say “no” to everything I asked him to do.  I don’t think we’ll be learning that trick anytime soon.

We’ve often wondered what our sweet Shadow looked like as a puppy.  I sent Tay this picture wondering if this could be him…

She says “no”.  This dog has pointy ears.  Ours has floppy ears.  Imagine this dog with floppy ears.  Looks like this one:

Don’t you think?  No?  Try squinting and tilting your head to the left.  They’re practically twins.  LOL!  At the very least, Shadow could be the puppy’s grandpa.

Now, where was I?  Oh yeah.  The mammogram.  Not quite.  Still looking at the dog magazine (and wishing I had put a book in my bag).

I was cracking up at some of the dog products advertised in the magazine.  Check it out:

And this:

Really?  You’re supposed to put it right next to your bed – so your dog is “an arms length away”.  I don’t think so!  I didn’t even let my babies sleep in a bed next to mine.  My dog does sleep in our room but I have no need to have him RIGHT there next to me.  Do people really buy this stuff?  Freaks.  LOL!

(pictures from Google – except the one of I took of the dog in the magazine)

Finally I got called back to the exam room.  It was as enjoyable as you might imagine.  Loved when she was ready to take the xray and says “okay, relax”.  Yeah, like that’s possible! 

So, I’m good for another year or three.  If you’re overdue for your check up (and I know one of you is!) you should go asap!  But you might want to take your own People magazine.  Just in case.

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  1. jean permalink
    May 6, 2011 11:16 pm

    I had my appointment this past Monday, thank you very much!! Did not have as much trouble as you did though. Never thought about why they wanted my photo id though. I agree with you on that issue. It took about 50 minutes. A good part of the time was me trying to lock the locker that I was supposed to put my clothes in. I finally had to go find someone for help and it took her quite a while to get it to work also. Then they walked me to another area for my bone density test. That would have been rather short except the girls computer went down , so had to wait for her to get it running. At least I was laying down for that. She commented that she was sure I would like a nap anyway. Well, yes, but not there!!

  2. jean permalink
    May 6, 2011 11:17 pm

    Oh forgot to say that the dog picture I think could have definitely been a young Shadow.

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