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Mother's Day

May 9, 2011

We had a fun day with our moms and my grandma yesterday celebrating Mother’s Day.  Several years ago I got the moms Vera Bradley bags and it has now become a yearly tradition.  I told them they’d need to tell me when they’re sick of them because until then I’ll get them one every Mother’s Day.  I’ve usually gotten one each year as well but decided not to get one for myself this year.  I needed a new camera (since mine had an unfortunate run in with the washing maching) so Brian got me a really nice camera for my birthday and Mother’s Day (and our Anniversary, Christmas, and Groundhog Day too). 

 Aren’t their bags cute? 

Speaking of cute, take a look at my grandma:

Check out her earrings and big rings (she was so thrilled with those rings!).  She’s so crazy!  We just love her.

My grandma said I looked tired yesterday so then everyone thought I was tired all day!  I don’t think I said anything about being tired (although I usually am!).  My mom mentioned a show she likes and how they had been talking about Mother’s Day and one of the gals was saying she just wants to do nothing on Mother’s Day but feels obligated to entertain her own mother.  I don’t feel obligated to entertain the mothers…I LIKE to entertain the mothers.  Now I will admit that sometimes I don’t enjoy the process of getting ready to entertain the mothers (or anyone) because that involved cleaning – and I hate cleaning.  LOL!  But I really do enjoy having people here and what is better than an afternoon with family?  Not much!  Plus I kept things simple with the food this year (I hope nobody minded that!).  So even when it may feel like a lot of work getting things ready and the thought of just doing nothing might sound good, in the end I would not trade time with my family for anything. 

I did feel a little sad for my dad yesterday as it was his first Mother’s Day without his mother.  It was also the first time Brian’s grandma wasn’t well enough to travel to our house for the day.

Anyhoo…all in all it was a good day!  Brian & Tay even surprised me with some pretty flowers (I should send them to the store more often!).  Nick brought home a flower he made in German class (I have no idea what it has to do with German but I do think it’s cute!). 


I love being a mom and I’m so thankful for my wonderful (and sometimes crazy!) kids!

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