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Tuesday Ten

May 24, 2011

1.  Yes, another list…sometimes it’s just easier…sometimes I have too many random things to post…sometimes I have nothing to post.

2.  Last Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment.  I was 3 years over-due for this check up.  I’ve been to this doctor for many years and to this particular location many times.  Last Thursday I could not find the office!  I was driving around the area like a crazy person.  I called Tay to get me the phone number.  I called their office and got their voice mail.  I texted Brian to call me so he could look up the address.  He didn’t call me.  I called Tay again and had her look it up.  I had the right address in mind but still couldn’t find the office.  I ran into the big medical office building thinking maybe they had moved.  They hadn’t.  I drove around some more but still couldn’t find them.  I ran into the hospital and asked the valet and he pointed me in the right direction.  I finally made it (late) and discovered it was right where it had always been!  Duh!  I was on University Drive and they were on University Court.  Or was I on Court and they’re on Drive…who knows!  Next year (or three years from now, which ever comes firts) I just need to remember that they’re behind the ice cream shop!  And afterwards maybe I should stop in for a mocha chip cone. 

3.  Thursday afternoon the kids and I headed to Kings Island for a couple of hours.  They weren’t crowded at all and the kids rode way more than they normally do on a busy summer day.  We hope to get a couple more after school visits in before summer hits.

4.  On Friday my mom had a heart cath.  She had some unexplained chest pains and they needed to check out what was going on with her heart.  Thankfully her heart looks good.  Now they need to find out what’s causing the pain.

5.  Friday night we had 35 or so youth from our church over for dessert.  We had a “Regressive Dinner” (similar to a “Progressive Dinner” but all out of order) and we started with dessert at our house.  I did a cupcake and candy buffet.  We then traveled to three other homes for appetizers, entree’, and salad.  What a fun evening.

6.  There’s a sweet dog that lives across the street from us.  He usually spends a lot of time outside and likes to visit with the neighbors and the neighborhood dogs whenever they walk by.  If he’s not outside when you walk by he’s usually at the window looking out.  We’ve been taking Shadow on more walks and we noticed that Smoky hasn’t been outside or at the window.  We hope nothing happened to him. 

7.  We’re counting down the days until school is out.  Tay will be done this week and Nick will be done next.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little later.  The 5:15 a.m. alarm is a killer!

8.  We had some scary weather last night.  Thankfully no tornados near us.  I just can’t believe the horrible tornados this year and the devastation so many are dealing with.  I just heard that one hit in/near Oklahoma City tonight.  Brian’s brother and his family live near there.  Praying they’re okay.  Brian is calling them to check how things are in their area. 

9.  There was some drama in the pick-up line at Nick’s school today.  I thought I heard someone yelling but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  There was a woman outside of her car on the phone but other than that I couldn’t see anything.  Eventually I realized it was her yelling at some kids that were in her car.  One kid ended up getting out of the car and he and the other kid were throwing things at each other.  She continued yelling but did not get off the phone.  That must have been pleasant for the person on the other end of the call!  She finally got back into the car and kept screaming at the kid in the car while the other kid just walked away.  She did finally roll up the windows so no one could hear what was going on.  Nick came out and we left so I’m not sure if she was able to get the one kid back in the car or not!  I felt sorry for her.  Then I felt sorry for the kids.  Then I felt sorry for all of them.  I hope they were just having a bad day and this is not how their life is on a daily basis. 

10.  Last week my great aunt passed away.  This was my grandma’s sister (my grandma passed away a couple months ago).  The night before she passed away my cousin went to talk to her about Jesus and she asked Him into her heart.  Wow!  What a difference a day makes.  In this case, it made an eternal difference!

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