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Tuesday Ten

June 21, 2011

1.  Shadow’s head is healing up nicely.  He goes back to the doctor on Thursday to have his stiches removed.  I’m sure he’ll be happy to ditch the cone!

2.  I took a basket of clothes to Once Upon a Child today.  They bought about half of what I took and paid me $18.35.  I was happy with that.  They said to bring the rest back when it’s closer to school time.  They weren’t buying pants or uniform bottoms at this time I guess.

3.  Brian’s brothers are in town this week.  We’re looking forward to some family fun.  I hope to get some good pics of the kids together. 

4.  I will not be checking magazines out at the library anymore.  Three times now I’ve had to pay for magazines that somehow don’t get checked in I’m absolutely certain about 95% sure I returned them.  Guess I’ll have to get my People fix at the orthodontist from now on. 

5.  Nick’s taking two classes online this summer.  One is P.E. and requires a LOT of physical activity (yay!).  He’s been riding his bike more than ever.  He may have gotten a bit lost in the neighborhood and had an extra long ride this evening.  Ha!

6.  A new ride opened at KI today.  I’m sorry, but this ride looks insane!  Nick wants to ride it.  He asked if I would ride it with him.  There is no way I’ll be getting on that thing!  Sorry Nick.  Honestly, the older I get the less I enjoy the rides.  I don’t mind going and watching the kids have fun but if I never ride another roller coaster that would be okay with me. 

7.  I like the look of my new blog.  I had fun making the header picture and also made a new one for my DFF’s blog.  She didn’t ask me to but I’m just a pushy kind of friend, I guess.  LOL!  She liked it and is using it (I assured her I would only cry for  a day my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if she didn’t want it).  Click on “Jackie’s Blog” over on the right and you can see it. 

8.  I almost ran over a girl on our street today.  She was riding her electric scooter and pulled right out in the road without looking.  I stopped about a foot from her.  Bout gave me a heart attack.   Scary!

9.  My kitchen is a mess.  I should probably go do something about that.

10.  Tay got her hair colored and it looks great.  I really need to do a before/after photo post.  Talk about a transformation.  Some people (who shall remain nameless) didn’t even recognize her when they saw her this past weekend!  Too funny!

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  1. jean permalink
    June 22, 2011 1:32 am

    1.Glad Shadow is doing well.
    2.Great price for the used clothes.
    3.Looking forward to your photos. Have fun.
    4.People magazine, a possible Christmas gift????
    5.Nick must have my sense of direction!!
    6.Another example that you are turning into your Mother.
    7.I like the picture on Jackie’s blog and I like the polka dots along the edge.
    8.Scary, glad no one was hurt.
    9.Kitchen cleaned yet?????
    10. I thought about the before and after also.

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