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Friday Five

June 24, 2011

1.  We had a fun family day with all the Starrs yesterday.  Brian’s brothers are in town (David’s whole family.  Steve’s family could’t come).  We went to the Air Force Museum and then back to their dad & Margi’s for dinner.  The kids loved playing around back in the woods and cooking some treats over a campfire.  Most of the boys (little & big) made it their mission to knock down a large tree branch that appeared to be hanging on by a thread.  That thing kept them entertained!  I have some fun pictures to prove it (will post them in another post).

2.  Nick stayed in Springfield so it’s just me & Tay today.  We have some errands to run and she wants to go to the mall later (surprise, surprise). 

3.   I  need to bake some cupcakes and make a cheeseball for another day of family fun tomorrow. 

4.  Shadow got his stictches out yesterday and his head looks great.  Yay!  He was SO thrilled when we finally took off that crazy cone.  He was running around rejoicing.  LOL!

5.  Tomorrow we’re celebrating Brian’s grandma’s birthday.  Love the old gal but she’s difficult to buy for!  Gotta try to figure something out.  I might give her a windchime to hang outside her window or I might try to find a “Powder Room” sign for her bathroom (she was disappointed we didn’t get her one for Christmas – but she wants one like mine and I just can’t get that one anymore).  Wish me luck!

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