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Widsom Teeth Be Gone

June 28, 2011

Nick had his wisdom teeth out this morning.  I’ve been amazed at how well he’s done today!  I was anticipating a day filled with sleeping and some pain.  He slept some this afternoon but hasn’t had any pain other than a little from something he tried to eat.  He’s doing fine with mashed potatoes, applesauce, pudding, and a hot fudge sundae. 

His fb status earlier said “wisdom teeth be gone” and then he commented “I feel as good as ever.  No pain.”

Now I know that “no pain” is due to pain meds every four hours.  His 8:00 dose didn’t even make him drowsy.  Very strange. 

I also found it strange how with it he was after the surgery.  He was alert and very chatty.  He also had a crazy case of hiccups! 

He’s on three different meds and had a challenging start to getting those down.  He was so numb he couldn’t swallow.  He’d take a drink and the water would spill right out of his mouth.  Tay found it hilarious.  Good thing I had a towel handy!

The doctor gave him a steroid to help with swelling.  Nick didn’t want to take it.  He was afraid it would ruin his chances to play major league baseball.  LOL! 

The kid has a crazy sense of humor.  When the nurse was getting his health history she asked if he smoked.  He said “no, I gave that up”.  Then when she asked if he did drugs or drank alcohol he said “not recently”.  Oh good grief! 

A friend of ours from church had her wisdom teeth out today too – at the same doctor!  What are the odds?  I hope she’s having an easy recovery too!

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