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Friday Five

July 1, 2011

1.  Nick has had an amazing recovery from having his wisdom teeth out.  I just can’t believe it!  He said today he wonders if the doctor actually removed any teeth.  LOL!  There was some blood and a little swelling so I know he did something in there!  He got upset with me the day after surgery when I refused to let him eat chips.  Then he couldn’t figure out why I wouldn’t agree to popcorn. 

2.  Brian had to go to Atlanta for a couple of days this week.  He pulled his back out the morning he left.  Poor guy had a miserable flight there.  I texted him that he should try to buy some pain reliever.  He found some and it cost $10 for a small bottle!  He said he wasn’t sure which hurt worse – his back or the paying that much for medicine!  He didn’t get home until 2:00 this morning!  The plane getting home was delayed and then sat on the runway for an hour waiting in a line of 50 planes to take off!  50!!  What happened at that airport that allowed 50 planes to be waiting to take off at the same time?  Crazy!

3.  I posted some pictures of the family fun with Brian’s brothers on my fb page.  I’m only in one picture and I’ve debated taking it down.  I just hate pictures of myself and in this particular picture my hair is a wreck.  It had been windy earlier in the day and I clearly had not looked in a mirror.  LOL!  Oh, well.

4.  I wish I had Tay’s determination.  The girl was determined to eat healthy and exercise and boy has she done it!  Way to go Tay.  So proud of her. 

5.  My DFF posted on fb that she’s having a date night with her hubby tonight.  I want a date night with my hubby – preferably one that doesn’t involve a trip to Home Depot or Lowes.  Although I have been wanting to check out the new Menard’s.   :)

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