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Girls Day

July 9, 2011

Brian & Nick went down to Mammoth Cave for the day so Tay & I had the whole day to ourselves.  Sounds like a perfect excuse to go shopping! 

We started the day with a trip to two of her favorite stores – Ulta & Target.  She got a bunch of make-up and I picked up a pillow for Nick.  As we were roaming around Target she was excited to see the school supplies.  Now I don’t think she’s all that thrilled about the thought of summer ending but the girl does love her some school supplies.  She gets a locker this year for the first time and we were cracking up when we discovered a small disco ball for your locker.  She’s pretty sure she needs one of those! 

After shopping we grabbed some Chipotle and came home for lunch.  Yum-o! 

We weren’t really planning on doing much the rest of the day but late this afternoon she declared that she was bored and wanted to do something.  After a little bit of thought we decided to go walk around the outlet mall.  She got some new sunglasses and a pink tie-dyed tee shirt ($25 shirt for $3.99!  Woot!  Love a great sale!).   I was super excited to see that a Disney Outlet is coming soon.  I love all things Disney!  I wanted to take a picture of the sign but almost teenage girls don’t really like when their moms do that sort of thing.  Oh well! 

What a fun day with my girl!

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