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Saturday Seven

July 16, 2011

1.  My kids went to drama camp this week.  It was a half day program.  Tay’s grade went in the morning and Nick’s went in the afternoon.  They both performed pirate themed plays for the parents last night.  I made 21 trips to the school getting them to and from camp.  Each day felt like the one before!  That’s okay though.  They had a great time so it’s all worth it.

2.  We got Tay’s OAA (state tests) results for 6th grade yesterday.  She did GREAT!  I was so glad to see how well she did since I was responsible for her schooling this year!  I knew she did well this year but it’s nice to have the state test results as well.  She’s ready for 7th grade. 

3.  I listed some things for sale on craig’s list.  Someone came yesterday to buy one thing and I’ve gotten an email asking about the bike we’re selling.  I’m almost certain the gal emailing about the bike goes to our church!  She hasn’t figured out that I’m the one selling it.  Craig’s list cracks me up sometimes.  Yesterday I saw a listing for someone willing to trade their dog for an old camper.  Really?

4.  Remember how we made a “summer list” of things we wanted to do last summer?  My kids didn’t want to make a list this year (party poopers!).  I might make my own list of things to do for the rest of the summer.  This kids just want to “chillax” and they’ve been doing a mighty fine job of it too!

5.  Several friends went to the midnight release of the new Harry Potter movie.  I can’t think of ANY movie that would make me want to go to a midnight release.  They all say it’s good.  I’ll see it eventually.  After I watch ALL the other HP movies!  I haven’t seen any of them.  Loved the books though.

6.  I had to take Tay to buy some new shorts.  Girlfriend looks so good and has such fun shopping for new clothes. 

7.  Brian travelled to Atlanta this week and had a HORRIBLE time getting home – including some problems with the plane and an emergency landing back in Atlanta!  He ended up spending the night in the airport and was SO happy to get home on Friday.  He might not want to fly again anytime soon (but might not have a choice either).

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