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Vacation – Day 3

July 31, 2011

We had the aquarium and Field Museum planned for Tuesday.  I had read online that it’s best to get to the aquarium in the morning as it gets crowded in the afternoon.  We saw a LONG line to get in when we were by there the day before so we made sure to get up and going early.  We ate a quick breakfast at the hotel and headed out for our bus stop.  It was very hot this morning and we ended up having a long, hot wait for the bus (my fault for not verifying the pick-up time at this particular stop). 

The museum campus was on the water and there ended up being a nice breeze blowing that made it very nice for walking around outside.  We had City Pass tickets which have their own entrance to the attractions.  They are supposed to be clearly marked.  They aren’t.  We walked around to the main entrance only to be told to go back the way we came to the special entrance.  The aquarium is very nice.  We enjoyed the whale exhibit, the penguins, and the otters the most.  We soon realized that we were sick of aquariums!  Don’t get me wrong, it was very nice.  However, we’ve been to very nice aquariums in Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach, and right here at home as well.  We made a family decision to avoid aquariums on all future vacations. 

We walked around outside for a bit since it was still very nice by the water and then made our way into the Field Museum (natural history).  We were shrunk down to 1/100th of our size to see what life is like underground.  I would NOT like living with all those bugs!  When we returned to normal size we wanted to find a place to eat.  There was a McDonald’s and a Corner Cafe’ in the museum.  We decided to try the Corner Cafe’.  I had read good things about it online and we had coupons for free cookies from our bus tour booklets.  When we got to the cafe’ the line appeared to be short so Brian & I headed there while the kids went to sit down.  As soon as we turned the corner we realized the line was LONG!  Very popular place.  Turned out to be very similar to Panera (I like Panera better!). 

{Top- Nick & Tay shrunk to 1/100th of normal size with cicada shells}

{Bottom – Sue, the largest t-rex skeleton}

After lunch we continued touring the museum and then headed back to catch the bus.  Brian and Nick decided to hop of the bus and head back to the hotel while Tay and I went to do some shopping.  I had a fun time shopping on Michigan Ave. with my girl.  She spent ALL her trip money (and a little extra she brought with her!).  When her money was gone (and she was getting tired) we headed back to the hotel. 

After we cooled off a bit we headed back out for some Chicago style hotdogs.  I had to look online before our trip to even find out what these were!  Brian (who loves hotdogs) said they were “okay”.  I loved them (and I’m not a huge hotdog fan). 

{Chicago dog:  hot dog with mustard, relish, onion, tomato, pickle spear, and peppers on a poppy-seed bun}

We went back to the hotel to swim for a bit.  It was a strange evening in the pool.  There was a grown woman standing in the middle of the pool jumping up and down and splashing.  The kids called her “Kangaroo” the rest of the trip.  We saw her several times around the hotel.  She was an interesting bird.  After swimming we headed back to the room and the kids watched something on Netflix on the iPad before we all crashed for the night. 

Another fun day!  I just love our family vacations.  More to come…

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