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Vacation – Day 4

August 1, 2011

We love COSI here in Columbus so we were excited to visit Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  I had planned it for a day by itself because of recommendations I’d read online.  We had to walk to the main pick up point for our bus (Millenium Park)  in order to catch the “south side” tour.  It was a longer walk than the other stops (which one person in our group wasn’t happy about) but really wasn’t bad.  We were happy to see that we’d be riding on a trolley this time.  It was a nice ride there with some sight-seeing along the way.  We saw the president’s Chicago home.  Well, a corner of the roof at least!  Mostly we saw the trees surrounding his home.  What a change for the people living on his street.  We were told that they aren’t allowed to have anyone just drop by their home!  They must be on a list given the secret service and approved for a visit.  Wow!

We really liked this museum.  Such fun.  They had a great train display, a room full of cool weather experiments (including an indoor tornado), an area to step back in time (always one of my favorites), and a cool station where the kids could see how a toy was made.  They programmed a few things into a computer (after inserting a small fee of course) and then could follow along and watch the production of their toy.  Very cool. 

After exploring for several hours we were ready to hop the trolley and go back and swim for a while.  This particular trolley stop had specific times for pick-up so we made sure to get to the stop on time.  The trolley came and there were a couple of families getting on and it was CROWDED.  I think we got the last seats.  We were just thankful to be on as it would have been at least another 30 minute wait for the next one. 

I was expecting a 20 – 30 minute ride back to our drop off point with the driver pointing out things of interest along the way.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  That was the HOTTEST, LONGEST trolley ride of our lives!  We were in the front of the trolley and there was NO breeze.  Like sitting in an oven!  And to top it off the driver talked…and talked…and talked!  Oh.  My.  Word.  The man never shut up!  I think he took one breath the whole time and that was only so he could take a swig of his drink.  And to top it off it was an HOUR back to the drop off.  Had we known this we may have opted for a cab (even though I wasn’t thrilled with the way I’d seen the cabbies driving – but maybe we would have been on Cash Cab!).  I’m guessing if you were out to dinner with this driver it would be a blast.  He was such a story-teller and very enthusiastic about Chicago history but when you’re packed in a 105 degree trolley it’s not much fun!  The kids were troopers though! 

We were SO thrilled when that trolley ride finally came to the end.  We hopped a bus to a stop closer to the hotel.  By this point we were HOT, TIRED, and HUNGRY.  The restaurant at the hotel had a burger special so we opted to eat a late lunch there.  After lunch one of us took a nap and then we hit the pool.

We ordered a late-night pizza & salad for dinner and had it delivered to the hotel.  Nick couldn’t figure out why I ordered a medium for four people.  I had him lift the thing and he realized why – it weighed a ton!  It fed all of us and we still had left-overs!

This was our last day in the city so we started getting things ready to check out the next day.  We were looking forward to one more fun day before starting our journey home.

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