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What a morning….and it’s only 10:30

August 12, 2011

I set my alarm for 7:00 this morning and pushed the snooze button twice.  Normally I would be heading to the Y but today I was heading to the vet.  I woke up with a headache and really wanted to go back to sleep.  I couldn’t because I had to get Shadow to the vet by 9:00. 

Two months ago our sweet dog had a big surgery to remove a growth above his eye.  When we got home from vacation I thought I noticed a little swelling below his eye.  In the last two weeks that little swelling has turned into a nice size growth.  Ugh!  I took him to the vet earlier this week.  They were hoping that it was abcessed tooth.  It’s not.  Today he’s having a biopsy of the lump.  Because of the location the vet doesn’t recommend a major surgery to remove it at this time but did feel like we needed a biopsy to find out what it is and then figure out how to treat it.  Poor doggie. 

Anyhoo…after I dropped Shadow off I headed to the grocery store.  I’ve gotten back into couponing so I was doing my weekly coupon trip.  I had everything ready to go and was getting ready to head to the check out.  I had my coupons ready and got in my wallet to get my “store loyalty card” (am I the only one that HATES those things?) and realized I did not have my debit card.  It was in a small wallet in my gym bag from yesterday.  Oh dear.  I remembered that I had an “emergency credit card” with me but then realized I could write  a check.  I NEVER write checks so they wanted to see my driver’s license.  No biggie….except that my driver’s license is in the small wallet, with my debit card, in my gym bag, from my trip to the Y yesterday!  Ugh!  The man working the check-out wasn’t amused (LOL!).  I dug out the emergency credit card and was on my way.

Hopefully the rest of the day goes a little better!  And I hope I get rid of this headache.

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