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Back to School

August 25, 2011

Today was the first day back to school and the 5:10 alarm came early after a night of crazy storms!  All four of us have to get up and be ready to walk out the door by 6:50 so we have a schedule that should get us done in time.  We packed up bags, got clothes ready, and started the lunches last night to save a little time this morning.

Nick wasn’t thrilled that I made him take the traditional back-to-school pictures.  Brian reminded him he only has two more years (after this year) to do this.  Nick says I’ll probably follow him to college to get that first day picture!  Ha!

Brian dropped Nick off and said the traffic wasn’t too bad.  I picked Nick up and it was a circus!  I’m sure I probably stopped in the wrong spot to let him hop in the car but I really wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be and I’m not sure anyone else knew either.  Hopefully that’ll improve. 

Nick sent Brian a text after school that said “My day was horrible.  Think I’ll drop out.”  Brian thought he was joking but Nick played it up like he wasn’t.  Thankfully, he was!  He had a great day. 

He has friends in all but one of his classes (he’s the only sophomore in his Sociology class).

He only got lost once.  He thought he was on the 2nd floor and then realized he was on the first floor.  And then the group he was with couldn’t find the stairs.  LOL!

He thinks he’s going to like all of most of his teachers. 

He was glad he packed his lunch.  Some kids that were buying ran out of time and didn’t get to eat!

He has more homework than I expected for the first day.  Let the fun begin!

Tay was excited to go back to an actual school!  She did online school last year.  Between that and summer break I think she was getting tired of being at home!  She made a friend at new student orientation last week so it was nice knowing she’d have one friend on her first day.

I dropped her off and she was ready to go.  There was a boy walking in ahead of her and he stopped and held the door for her (see, there are good kids in public school too!).

I couldn’t wait to hear how her day went.  She was a little quiet when I first picked her up but eventually shared more of her day.  She loved it!

She made another friend and all three girls have a few classes, plus lunch together.  Yay!  She was texting one of the girls on the way home.  :)

She thinks she’s going to like all of most of her teachers. 

They got a health lesson in art class today.  The teacher suggests they choose healthy things from the cafeteria, otherwise they’ll fall asleep and get gassy!  LOL!  Tay packs her lunch so she won’t need to worry about falling asleep.  Or unwanted gas. 

It seems Vera Bradley lunch boxes are big with the junior high crowd.  She got one so she fits right in!

She doesn’t have any homework – but I do!  What’s up with that?

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that they’re off to a good start.  I hope this good day is the start of a great year!

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  1. jean permalink
    August 27, 2011 1:34 pm

    I love all the pictures and are so glad they had a good first day of school!!

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