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Totally Random Post

September 2, 2011
  • This was our first full week of school – and getting up WAY too early!  Brian was out of town for a few days so I had to do morning drop-off for both kids.  We left here at 6:35 (yes, a.m.) in order to make sure we didn’t get caught in traffic and make it to school on time.  We were all glad when Brian was back and we didn’t have to leave quite so early.
  • Both kids are loving school.  We are so thrilled that Tay has adjusted so well to a new school and is making lots of new friends. 
  • We went to Open House at Nick’s school this week and enjoyed meeting his teachers.  The boy has to do a LOT of walking to get from class to class.  Of course it may not be quite as much as I think since I seemed to take the LONG way to each class.  Oops!  We look forward to meeting Tay’s teacher’s next week.
  • This post was supposed to be “random” but so far it’s all about school.
  • Speaking of school, I bought a case of water (24 bottles) to pack in the kids’ lunches.  They’ve had school 7 days and we only have one bottle left.  Must be new math.  The way we used to do math 7 days x 2 kids would equal 14 bottles of water.  So I should still have 10 bottles left, right?  The waffle people must do new math too.  We once had a  box of waffles that said one waffle is 100 calories.  A serving size is two waffles and that equals 220.  Hmm… 
  • In other news…Shadow had a biopsy a couple of weeks ago on a lump under his eye.  He won’t leave the area alone so we’ve had to “cone” him.  Poor little fellow.  Nick’s calling him “Coney”. 
  • I’ve been meaning to mop my upstairs bathrooms all week.  I keep putting it off till tomorrow….guess I should do it today. 
  • We usually have pizza night on Friday but mixed it up a bit this week and had pizza last night (which then made it seem like Friday all evening).  Somehow I ended up with a credit at the pizza place.  How does one get a credit at the pizza place?  Strange.  I’m thinking there may have been a mix-up with an online order a while ago and they just credited the money to our phone number?  Who knows, but we did get our order for $11. 
  • I want to bake some cupcakes — cookies & cream or chocolate chip cookie dough.  Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.  Or next week.  We’ll see…
  • It’s a three-day weekend and we’re all so thrilled!   WooHoo! 
  • Have a nice LONG weekend everyone!  We’ll be sleeping in for sure! 
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  1. jean permalink
    September 2, 2011 12:34 pm

    I love hearing about your day to day stuff. Thanks so much for blogging. I love you!!

  2. Jackie permalink
    September 2, 2011 12:55 pm

    The cupcakes sound yummy! Keep me in mind when you make them ; ) !

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