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Nice Long Weekend

September 6, 2011

What a nice long weekend!  Not only did we get to sleep past 5:15, the weather went from summer to fall over night!  We are loving these cooler temps. 

Saturday morning Brian took my car to get an oil change and then we headed to my in-laws’ for the day.  We had a nice cook-out with Brian’s parents and grandma.  After lunch my mother-in-law and I headed out to a couple of craft stores.  What fun! 

Sunday morning we taught the middle school kids at church.  I thought we’d have a small crowd since it was a holiday weekend but we ended up with around 20 kids.  It was a rainy afternoon so we hung out at home.  Nick and I have been working our way through the Harry Potter movies so we watched the 5th one.  He’s seen them all before but this is my first time watching them.  Love them!  Brian & Taylor aren’t interested at all.  :)

On Monday, Taylor went to a friend’s house to swim.  Yes, it was cold but that didn’t stop them!  I hope they don’t get sick!!  I was so surprised last Thursday when she asked me if she could go to this friend’s house.  She just met this girl at school.  I knew she’d be wanting to hang out with friends soon but I sure wasn’t expecting it after one week of school!  They had a great time together.  While she was swimming Brian and I ran to Old Time Pottery to get some new lamps for our living room.  I had seen some there a few weeks ago but didn’t get them.  Thankfully, they had two left!  I love them!  They look so much better than our old lamps. 

We’re back to our normal routine this morning.  Kids at school, Brian at work, and I headed to the Y.  Now I’m home catching up on laundry.  Tay says I have such an exciting life.  It may not always be exciting but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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