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Friday Five

September 9, 2011

1.  We went to Open House at Tay’s school last night.  All of her teachers were very nice.  She thinks one of them is a bit crazy but Brian & I liked her.  Of course after seeing crazy in action at Nick’s Open House, it would take a lot for Tay’s teachers to appear anything but normal.  Ha! 

2.  Shadow had a rough night last night.  Poor fellow.  He finally “asked” to go out at 3:45.  He was able to get back to sleep but I wasn’t. 

3.  My car is in the shop.  We thought we had it worked out for them to complete the work yesterday.  We dropped it off bright & early but they didn’t even look at it till late afternoon.  Then they didn’t have the part they needed.  After being told certain things on the phone and then finding out different things in person, we were ready to pick the car up and take it someplace else.  Due to drop-off & pick-up at school we cannot be down a car.  They arranged for a loaner car for me to drive and said they’d try to have things done today.  I got a text from Brian that it won’t be done till Monday.  :(

4.  I went somewhere this morning to buy someone something for Christmas.  The store didn’t have the something I was looking for.  Bummer.  Maybe I’ll be able to find it later. 

5.  UPS brought me a package today that I’m SUPER EXCITED about.  Any guesses what it might be?  It deserves a post all its own so I’ll let you know later.  Ha!

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  1. cindy permalink
    September 9, 2011 1:36 pm

    I know :)

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