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A Day in the Life

September 12, 2011

Today I…

packed 2 lunches, made some coffee, fixed two kids breakfast, loaded the dishwasher, hand washed some dishes,  scrubbed a bathtub {next time I’ll remember to clean it after bathing the dog}, let my hair air dry too long {which made for a bad hair day}, drank some coffee, dropped one kid off at school, wished Brian well on his first day at work, folded clothes that had been in the dryer for three days {don’t judge}, did two loads of laundry, ran out of laundry soap, made a “to do” list, cleaned some gunk from the drain in my sink {you’re welcome Brian}, worked on Ignite stuff, filled out & mailed a rebate and warranty for my mixer,  read some blogs, played Words with Friends, straightened up the livingroom and our bedroom, planned a meal for tomorrow, made a list for the grocery store, read a book, researched something on-line, made a quick trip to the store,  bought laundry soap, resisted the urge for Sonic Happy Hour,  picked up one kid, picked up the other kid,  chatted {texted} with my DFF, did another load of laundry, wondered where all this laundry came from, checked facebook, returned loaner car, picked up my car, cried over my sick dog, fixed Tay’s dinner {Nick cooked his own}, went to a youth leader meeting, ate mexican food, told one kid good night, searched for allergy meds & rash cream {not for me!}, told another kid good night. looked for a dessert recipe, wondered if my parents like rhubarb, realized I know nothing about cooking with rhubarb, loved on my dog, started Design Star {don’t tell me who won}, decided to blog instead.

You might know this was the one day no one asked, “what did you do today?”.  Oh well. 

Guess I’ll go start the last load of laundry.  Tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day.  {Don’t be jealous}

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