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Heard Around the House

September 15, 2011

Earlier tonight Nick came downstairs saying he had hurt himself getting out of bed.  He had a bad charlie horse.  This lead to a discussion about charlie horses and someone mentioned that getting a charlie horse in your leg while sitting on the toilet is the worst.  Seems it’s hard to stand up.

(TMI?  Sorry, just keeping it real.)

(No.  I won’t tell you who brought up the charlie horse/toilet scenario.  Some things in life must be kept private.  Ha!)


Me:  I have never in my life had that happen.

Brian:  Really?

Me:  Nope.  Is it normal to get a charlie horse while sitting on the toilet? 

Nick:  Mom.  You know none of us knows what’s normal. 

I think he has a point there, don’t you?  To drive the point home he said this while putting chocolate pudding on top of his mashed potatoes.

What?  You don’t put pudding on your potatoes?  You must not be normal.

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