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Thursday 13 {cell phone pictures}

September 22, 2011

I needed to clean off some of the pictures on my cell phone and thought I’d share.  In no particular order, 13 pics from my phone {Why?  Why not!}

1.  Taylor and I were shopping with my mom and Tay really wanted to plank (which she later did) but also thought it would be fun to get her picture in a bathtub.

2.  Nick’s first time on Wind Seeker.

3.  When we were in Chicago I had the BEST salad at Hard Rock Cafe’.  I wish there was one here so I could have it again!

4.  One day at the mall, Tay & I found her prom dress…

Yes, we are aware she won’t go to prom for 4 more years.  We hope they’ll still have it.  LOL!

5.  Strangest thing I found when cleaning out my pantry…

6.  Not long ago, Tay cleaned out her closet.  Doesn’t it look great?

You may be wondering what she did with ALL the stuff she had in there…

7.  She put it on our dresser…

8.  And by our bed…

9.  And pretty much all over our room!

Nice Tay!

10.  You never know what you might find when you walk into our living room…


11.  Spotted on the specials board when eating out with a friend…


12.  Look what I found at the scrapbooking store…

ROBOT STICKERS!  You have no idea how happy that made me.  :)

13.  A friend was reading a book about fasting.  Check out her bookmark…

Yes, those are Steak & Shake coupons.  In a book about fasting.  Crack me up!

I love having a camera handy to capture random (and often funny) things that happen during the day.  My kids love it too (even if they say they don’t, I know they do!).

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