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Weekend Wrap-Up

October 3, 2011

Nick didn’t want to get up for school this morning.  He thought it was Sunday.  We were talking about how nice it would be if every weekend was a three-day weekend. 

Friday night we had planned to go to the football game.  By they time Friday night rolled around we were all tired, I didn’t feel well (cold/allergies), and it was c-c-cold outside so we decided to stay home in our jammies instead. 

Saturday morning Brian got up early and headed to Indianapolis with a friend to pick up a camper (his friend’s camper, not ours…we don’t have a camper).  I drug Nick out of bed at the early time of 11:15 to get ready for play practice.  I dropped him off at 12:30, came home and fixed Taylor lunch, and then met Brian & Bill over at IKEA.  We got the rest of the furniture for my scrapbooking room (woot!).  Brian took off to pick Nick up from practice and Bill & I brought the furniture back here.  Saturday evening we took Brian to our favorite Chinese buffet to finally celebrate his birthday.  We got him a new radio for his car.  Unfortunately, it was not a surprise since I needed some info from him about his car to order it.  Oh well…  It was a nice cool (cold!) evening and the perfect night to sit in the hot tub.  Tay goes to bed early so I went up to tell her good night before I headed out.  You should have seen her face when I walked in her room in my swimsuit.  Hilarious.  She was not expecting that! 

Sunday morning we decided to go to the early service at church (What were we thinking?  It was our one day to sleep in!).  Then we helped with the middle school class and headed home.  Brian & Nick took advantage of the nice day and headed over to Kings Island for a few hours.  Tay hates KI so she and I went to two of her favorite places – Ulta & Target.  Then we hit Sonic Happy Hour.  I got a diet vanilla coke.  She got water (water makes her happy!  Ha!).  Brian was busy the rest of the evening patching some walls in my scrapbooking room, installing his new radio, and mowing the grass.  I was busy catching up on recorded episodes of Cupcake Wars.  Nick went to small group and Tay just hung out in her room (and probably took a nap!).

It was a busy but fun weekend.

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