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Saturday Seven

October 8, 2011

1.  I have had a cold the past two weeks and it’s getting on my last nerve.  I’ve felt “blah” all week and I think it just cause I don’t feel good.

2.  I’m teaching our middle school class at church tomorrow.  I thought of a fun way to teach the lesson but then had second thoughts.  Changed my mind again and decided to just go for it.  They’ll either think it’s fun or think I’ve lost my mind.  Ha! 

3.  I’ve been on the healthy eating bandwagon for three weeks.  The first two weeks were pretty good but this past week or so has been a read challenge.  I hate it.  But I want to be healthy so I’ll keep on going. 

4.  Someone in our neighborhood has a fire going outside.  Smells so good.  Makes me want a roasted marshmallow.  Think they’d mind if I crashed their cook-out?  I’d take along some giant marshmallows.  And my own roasting sticks.

5.  I’ve started using Pinterest and am addicted!  I’ve “pinned” so many great looking cupcake recipes.  I need to get baking!  {And I’ll give most of them away…see #3}

6.  My scrapbooking room is really coming together.  Brian put the last shelf together today {thanks Brian!} so now I can start organizing and decorating. 

7.  Tay got her laptop yesterday.  So exciting.  She saved up her own money for it and we’re so happy for her.  She loves it!

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