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Customer Service

October 13, 2011

Earlier this week, I ordered a new phone.  When I went online to check my bank account I noticed two charges from the phone company.  One was for the correct amount and the other was an odd amount.  Both charges were listed as “pending” so I was keeping an eye on them.  Today, I went online to check my phone order and a completely different order appears.  A different phone and a very expensive case.  It also said that this order had shipped on Monday…the day BEFORE I had actually placed my order.  Hmm…the charges were still pending but after talking to Brian, I decided to call customer service.  I HATE calling customer service.

I got a nice man who was totally confused by the entire thing.  He put me on hold “for two or three minutes” about four times.  During this time he gave me a number to call in case we got disconnected.  I was fairly certain he was gonna just hang up and make someone else deal with the issue.   He didn’t.  He informs me that both packages have shipped and I should refuse one of them.  He was stumped when asked which one I should refuse (I did want one of them!).  He then decides it would be a good idea to conference call with someone in another department.  We finally got connected to someone in another department.  She was a ray of sunshine grumpy from her first “hello”.  Oh dear…

She asked a few questions to try to verify things and was very aggravated by the whole process.  When she put me on hold the other guy politely excused himself from the call and said she could handle things from here.  Really?  She finally came back on and started talking to him.  She was not at all amused that he had left the call.  She can only look up one of the orders (the wrong one) and assured me it’s a system glitch and that order was nowhere near close to what I was charged (which the other guy had confirmed that it was what I was charged).  She said since the charges were “pending” that the one would probably be reversed.  She then feels the need to explain how “pending” charges work. 

At this point I felt myself getting mad.  Her attitude stunk and mine was getting worse.  I took a deep breath and nicely interupted her.  I explained that I totally understood how pending charges worked and that is not the reason I called.  I called because the order listed on our account online was not the right one and I simply wanted to get it cleared up and find out why I had been over-charged.  I then nicely told her she did not need to speak to me like I was an idiot.  I told her I was simply calling based on what I saw online and she did not need to be so angry.

She was speechless.

She then apologized and said that was not her angry voice, it was her confused voice.

Then I told her (and I can’t believe I said this) that she might want to work on that because her confused voice sounds a lot like an angry voice!

I was nice throughout the call but I knew I better end things asap!  I got another number to call in case the charges go through and I also asked for her name.  I’m sure she gave me the name of the person sitting next to her.  Ha! 

I think if there are any more problems I’m gonna make Brian call!

**Please note that I usually try to be a very nice person and rarely say things like this to people (out loud anyways!).  Her tone and attitude were just too much!  I guess maybe I need to pray about mine!

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