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Saturday Seven

November 12, 2011

1.  I was going to write a Veteran’s Day post yesterday but I couldn’t get the blog to cooperate.  I wanted to insert a fun picture but couldn’t get it to show up.  I switched gears and thought it would be fun to scan some old military pics that I have of my dad and other family members but then realized that when I got the pics I failed to write names on the backs and I have no clue who any of these people are (except one that I’m sure is my dad). 

2.  I was also going to blog an 11-11-11 post (did you make a wish at 11:11?)  but couldn’t get the blog to even load.  And once the kids get home my computer time is limited.

3.  Clearly, I was not meant to blog yesterday.

4.  I went to a craft show with a friend this morning.  It’s always fun.  All I bought was some honey and a few dip mixes.  Did you know local honey is supposed to be good for allergies?  I can’t convince my allergy-ridden family to eat some every day.  Oh well…they’ll be sorry when they’re all stuffy and I’m feeling great!

5.  Nick & Brian had robotics training today.  They had to come up with a nickname for themselves that used the first letter of their name.  Here’s Nick’s:

Brian was “Brave Brian”.  He is brave working with all those kids!

(That gold star on Nick’s name tag is for the winning skit he did with two other kids.  I’m so proud!)

6.  Nick is out driving!  He got his permit this week so it’s time to practice, practice, practice.  Brian just texted me this…

7.  I forgot to put a roast in the crockpot this morning like I had planned.  Oops!  Guess we’ll have spaghetti & meatballs instead.

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