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Tuesday Ten

November 15, 2011

1.  Tay got to go to a special pizza lunch today for never getting her “account sheet” signed (something the teachers sign if they mis-behave, forget homework, etc.).  Way to go Tay!  So proud of you. 

2.  Nick & Brian spent the weekend at robotics training.  Nick’s a team leader for the team’s website & Brian is a new mentor for the team.  They both seemed to enjoy it.

3.  I made some fabulous cupcakes on Sunday.  Nick took some to our neighbors and Brian took a bunch to work.  Nick wasn’t thrilled when he realized I hadn’t kept very many of them.  They were yum-o!

4.  Nick got his temps last week!  Let the driving begin.

5.  I may have accidentally locked someone out of their online banking.  Oops.  I was trying to access a new health account we have and was on the wrong area of the bank’s website (I had no idea!). 

6.  I have a long “to do” list.  Now I just need to make myself do it!

7.  I’m excited for Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving AND I might get to see my BFF.  That would make THREE times I’ve seen her this year.  We usually only see each other once a year! 

8.  I need to start a new book (I have a “library list” that’s a mile long).  Lately, I’ve been caught up in reading books on parenting teens.  Being a parent of a teen can be hard (and my teens are pretty good most of the time!).  I’ve learned some great tips from the last couple of books and am trying my best.  Hopefully they won’t end up in therapy some day because of me! 

9.  Several bloggers that I like just went on a trip to Ecuador with Compassion International.  I’ve enjoyed reading about their journey.  It’s made me want to sponsor a child!

10.  I’m SO thankful for “auto save” on blog drafts.  I just hit something on the keyboard and *poof* this post was gone!  *Poof*…just like that.  I was so upset.  I couldn’t imagine you all not knowing these fascinating details of my life!  LOL!  (Is this post boring, or is it just me?).  Anyhoo…it was saved!  So there ya go.

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