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Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

November 25, 2011

I meant to sit down last night and write a Thanksgiving post about our day and all I was thankful for but I got busy sipping peppermint mocha coffee & playing Words with Friends.  Oh well…

We had a great day at my in-laws’.  My parents & grandma join us as well.  I love that we can get both sides of our families together and all enjoy being together.  We figured out that we’ve all gotten together for the last seven years.  Such fun and something to be thankful for.  I loved having my BFF, Sarah join us yesterday as well.  She & I usually see each other once a year but this year we’ve been together THREE times!  We might have to make that happen again next year. 

I made Pioneer Woman soul sweet ‘taters, a cheeseball, and for the first time ever I took the stuffing.  Thankfully it all tasted yummy.  I gave away all the left-overs, only to find out Nick wanted stuffing.  I made him a small pan of stuffing today and we had it with left-over turkey for lunch. 

On the way to Springfield I was texting some of my peeps when the following conversation took place…

Brian:  When you’re finished with that could you text “Happy Thanksgiving” to Kevin?

Me:  Sure.  Do you want to say “Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m so thankful for our friendship.  Love ya bunches”?

Brian:  No, just “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Me:  Would you like to end that with a “smiley” or a “heart”.

Brian:  Just give me the phone!  I’ll send it while I’m driving.

Just for the record:  We do NOT text and drive.  I sent the simple Thanksgiving greeting he requested.  I hope he didn’t mind my ending it with a joyful exclamation point!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day & a successful shopping day today, if you’re into that sorta thing.  Around here we went to be early last night and slept in today!

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