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I Thought Today Was Thursday

December 7, 2011

I thought today was Thursday.  I’ve had sick kids at home and seemed to have lost track of the days!  I’m SO glad it’s only Wednesday.  I know, Thursday is closer to the weekend, but I have a few things I need to get done before Friday and now I still have time tomorrow to run around. 

It seems I’ve been a bad blogger…again!  I really have no excuses.  I just haven’t taken the time to write much.  I know how disappointing that must be for all of you.  Ha!  I’m kidding…but I do know that I’m bummed when I check some of my favorite blogs and they haven’t updated so I can only imagine at least one of you must feel the same way when you come here (hi Mom!). 

I took Tay to the doctor last Monday for an earache.  Her ear had been hurting for almost three weeks!  Before you go thinking what a horrible mother I am for letting the earache go on so long, we DID have it looked at during a “well-check” appointment and everything looked fine.  Turns out she had swimmer’s ear.  We haven’t even been swimming since last summer!  We went to get a recheck on Monday and her ear was fine but she had a fever.  Say what?  Tay said that might explain why she had a headache and was dizzy at school.  Ya think?  Poor thing has a virus and has been home the past two days.  She loves her brother so much she shared with him and he’s been home too! 

Our youth group put on their annual Christmas play this past weekend.  Nick played “Joseph” in their modern-day version of the Christmas story.  He did a great job.  We were so proud of him. 

Last night was Tay’s chorus concert at school.  I had spoken to her teacher during the day and she said if Tay felt okay she could come.  She felt better and went but then felt horrible afterwards.  Oops.  May not have been the best decision.  The 7th grade chorus did a great job. 

Other than that we haven’t had too much going on.  I’ve done some online shopping & have been stashing boxes here, there, and everywhere as they arrive.  I think I might try to round them all up this afternoon.  I even thought about wrapping some things (but then what would I do at midnight on Christmas Eve?).  Brian asked if I was going to wait until the week of Christmas to send out our cards.  I told him I was.  It’s tradition.  People wouldn’t know what to expect if I sent my cards out early.  Do you send cards?  Seems we get less & less every year.  I think a lot of people do e-cards or don’t do cards at all.  I love getting cards & Christmas letters (although I don’t send a letter with mine).

Well, I’m off to play Words with Friends get some things done around here.  Have a great day!

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