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Tuesday Ten

December 13, 2011

1.  I meant to sit down yesterday and write a “weekend wrap-up” but it just didn’t happen.

2.  Friday night we had a nice relaxing evening at home.  I made homemade pizza and we watched the Good Luck Charlie movie.  I was the only one who made it through the whole movie.  We love the tv show (Amy Duncan is my favorite – BaBam!) but the movie?  Not so much. 

3.  Saturday evening Brian and I went to his company’s Christmas Party.  It was at the Indian Hill Winter Club.  We could look down on the skating rink and later in the evening there was a curling workshop (or league, we’re not sure) going on.  It was fun to watch.

4.  The Christmas Party was “holiday casual”.  Most people wore jeans and nice tops/shirts/sweaters.  A few dressed up.  One man took holiday casual to a whole new level.  He had on a Christmas turtleneck, a grinch t-shirt, and a Santa hat.  Best. Outfit. Ever.  If only I had thought to take his picture. 

5.  Brian needs to take something for a potluck at work on Friday.  I tried a crock-pot mac & cheese recipe last night (since I told him I could make crock-pot mac & cheese).  Let’s just say he will NOT be taking a crock-pot of mac & cheese.  I guess I should have figured out if I could make it BEFORE I suggested it.  Oh, Paula Dean…you really let me down.  If we could have eaten it at EXACTLY the right time it may have been yummy.  You can’t have something at a potluck that can’t hold up for a long time in the crock-pot.

6.  How many times can I write the words crock-pot and mac & cheese in one post?

7.  We found a dog we’re gonna go look at.  Some of you may remember that I found a dog a few weeks ago that we were interested in but the rescue group lost our application.  Even though I had emailed them about the specific dog and told them I sent the application we did not hear back from them and someone else adopted the dog.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  We were all set to visit a couple of dog pounds over Christmas break but I couldn’t stop looking at dogs online and found another little sweetie.  I’ve emailed to see if he’s still available and if we can meet him later this week!  IF he’s the dog for us, we will get him this weekend or one day next week.  There’s a very excited teenage girl living at our house.  :)  Either way, we should have a dog by the first of the year. 

8.  Brian helped a former co-worker out with something and received a thank-you gift from the guy’s company.  A package came last night and we were surprised to find this…

The yummiest sugar cookies! 

And just when I have given up sugar!!

9.  Speaking of giving up sugar…I also gave up pop!  I haven’t had pop FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!  I had a few days where I thought I might give in and visit Sonic Happy Hour but I managed to stay away!  Woot!  I also gave up sugary sweets but did have HALF a cookie.  That’s better than eating three cookies, right?

10.  Tay has been counting down the days till Christmas break from school and also Christmas day.  Girlfriend is excited!  I am too!  I still need to buy a few things and get the groceries that we’ll need but I think we’re all ready for a break from routine — and sleeping in!  Yay!

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