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Weekend Wrap-up: N’awlins Edition

January 30, 2012

Friday morning Brian and I dropped the kids off at school and then we did something we’ve NEVER done before.  We went away for the weekend!  I’m absolutely NOT judging those of you who do this kind of thing but we’ve just never left our kids like this.  Brian’s traveled for work but I’ve been at home.  I’ve gone away over night for women’s conferences but he’s been home.  We’ve just never been ones to go away for the whole weekend (and our marriage is GREAT inspite of it, thankyouverymuch!). 

When Brian started his job back in September we were told that the company does a yearly trip.  This is an opportunity for them to get their employees from all their locations together in one spot for a holiday party.  This year it was in New Orleans.  They hosted a reception on Friday and a dinner on Saturday.  Other than that we were free to do whatever we wanted.

We took off Friday morning and headed first to Atlanta.  That was a nice, uneventful flight.  We arrived safely in Atlanta and had to walk MILES to catch our connecting flight.  We grabbed a quick lunch and were soon on our way to New Orleans.

During this flight we were kicking ourselves for not bringing headphones.  There was a woman sitting behind up who talked…and talked…and talked…and just when you thought she had nothing left to say…she talked some more.  That poor man sitting beside her (not her hubby, the OTHER guy) deserves some sort of prize.  We heard all about her world travels, including the public baths (but don’t worry, she didn’t get in them – but she did sit by them – with her clothes on – and had her picture made), her MANY cruises she’s taken (and her surprised that their table mates only showed up one time on the last one – I think we could have clued her in on that one.  Ha!), her nieces wedding, Eli Manning, and this wonderful seafood place in New Orleans.  That part of the conversation did interest me as we were looking for local places to eat.  According to her, it was “Danny’s”.  Not “Denny’s”, but “Danny’s”.  “Danny’s”.  They had a giant seafood platter that was so good.  It was more than enough food for her, her husband, and their nephew.  Supposed to feed two but more than enough for three.  They actually got it two nights in a row.  First night for three.  Second night for two.  More than enough food each time.  They even took food home BOTH nights.  They eventually had to throw some of it away as they were heading home.  Yep, the giant seafood platter at “Danny’s” was so good and more than enough food for two OR three people.

I’m telling you the woman could talk (and imagine all this with a big ‘ol southern accent).

Oh, I almost forgot her monologue on “Three Dawg Night”. 

(don’t get me started)

Anyhoo…I think everyone within 10 rows of her was thankful when we finally got off the plane.  I sure was.  I was also determined that we were gonna eat at “Danny’s”, not “Denny’s”. 

We caught a cab to our hotel and quickly got checked in.  We had a very friendly cabbie who told us some local things we might want to check out.  We took our stuff to our room and looked at some info on the area.  Found out “Danny’s” was actually “Deanie’s” and decided we’d walk there for dinner. 

Our hotel was in the French Quarter and lets just say it’s a very interesting place.  Saw lots of things that I can’t speak of on this family-friendly blog. 

We made it to “Deanie’s” and had a great seafood dinner.  We even tried gumbo and liked it (minus the giant claw in my bowl).  Would you believe they didn’t have sweet tea?  A restaurant in the south with no sweet tea?!?!  Crazy!  Oh, and that giant seafood platter?  That’s for 3 or MORE people!  They have a half-size that’s for two people (and was still too much food for two!). 

After dinner we walked a bit more and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the company reception.  We may have taken a short nap (we’re old).  The reception was interesting as there were people from all the company’s locations so Brian did not know a lot of them.  We talked with people from the Cincinnati office and met a few new people as well.  I had a very interesting conversation with a drunk woman about baking bread.  Did you know you had to knead the dough…and knead the dough…really get to know the dough…learn how the dough interacts with your kitchen…know your kitchen….love the dough.  Now, say all that again in a loud, drunk voice, with big arm movements.  I won’t share the rest of the conversation with this woman, just in case she happens to discover the blog some day.  What happens in N’awlins stays in N’awlins.  LOL! 

We discovered later that many people went out of the town after the reception.  We went to bed (we’re old).  We don’t drink or gamble so that crazy night-life just isn’t our thing (again, not judging anyone…it’s just not our thing).

Saturday morning we headed out and stopped at “The Ruby Slipper” for breakfast on the way to the National World War II Museum.  We spend several hours exploring the museum.  We then took off walking and explored the rest of the area before heading back to get ready for dinner.  Buses came to pick up at at 5:45 sharp!  I wonder if anyone missed the bus!  We headed to “Mardi Gras World” for dinner where we got to taste some other local dishes.  We liked them all.  After dinner we watched some interesting dance moves out on the dance floor.

People listen:  if you take nothing else away from this post take this…DO NOT drink at company parties.  I’m telling you.  You will do and say things that you will not remember and EVERYONE has a phone that takes video these days.  One of our cell phones may or may not have video of a certain company boss bustin’ a move on the dance floor (or trying to bust a move…at least I think that’s what he was doing). 

Anyhoo…when they made an announcement that the first bus was ready to leave, we decided to head back to the hotel.  We were looking forward to a great night’s sleep and we were getting one until about 3:30 when someone, somewhere tripped an emergency alarm!  The alarm system came on and said to evacuate.  As we were getting what we needed to evacuate another voice came on and said that an alarm was tripped on the 2nd floor, the fire dept. was there and they would give further instructions.  We headed on downstairs for a few others to see what was going on (at this point we were AWAKE).  We sat downstairs for a few minutes (and saw some of Brian’s co-workers just getting in for the evening – we really are old!).  We were told we could go back to our rooms but never did hear any other further instructions.  Guess everything was okay!  Whew! 

Sunday morning we got ready to head home.  We caught a cab back to the airport.  This time the cabbie was NOT chatty at all (glad we didn’t have him earlier – he wouldn’t have told us anything about the area!).  We took two uneventful (and fairly quiet) flights home.  The weather in Dayton was freezing compared to almost 70 and sunny in New Orleans on Saturday. 

Taylor & the dog were happy to have us home.  I’m not sure Nick even realized we were gone.  LOL!  So thankful for my parents hanging out with the kids while we were gone.  Can’t wait to find out where we get to go next year!

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