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There’s a Snake in the Shower

February 4, 2012

Yesterday I was reading some hotel reviews online.  As I’m sure you know, it’s normal to read some negative reviews – the staff is rude, the rooms are small, the breakfast was horrible, etc.  As I was looking at various hotels, I saw a review I had never seen before:  “There was a snake in the shower”.  WHAT??  Do we now have to worry about snakes in the shower when we travel?  Yikes!  I’m sure it was a random, one time thing, but I will NOT be staying at that hotel.  Ever!

I was telling Brian about the review and that the reviewer went on to say that he didn’t think the hotel clerk believed him…until he came to his room!  The clerk moved the man to another room and called animal control to deal with the snake.  Brian couldn’t believe they called animal control.  He thought they should have just caught the snake and put him outside.  Really?  I then reminded him that most normal people do not go around catching snakes!  I also reminded him of my own near-death life-changing totally freaky encounter with a snake at a local water park.  I probably should have written my own online review to warn unsuspecting water slide riders:  “Snake in the water!”. 

Consider yourselves warned.  Always check for snakes on water slides and in hotel showers. 

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