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Oil Change

February 9, 2012

I bought my first car when I graduated from high school.  It was a cute little silver Chevette (does anyone remember those?).  My dad would frequently ask me if I had checked my oil.  Usually I hadn’t.  Come to think of it, I have no recollection of ever checking the oil (although I’m sure I did) and absolutely no memory of ever having the oil changed.  My dad must have taken care of that for me.  Thanks Dad!  He asked me so much about checking my oil that it kind of became a joke.  Now I simply think that oil changes must be his love language.  LOL!

Before Brian & I got married I traded that little Chevette in on a brand new car.  Again, I have no recollection of any type of maintenance on that car.  Surely someone must have been checking & changing the oil.  Hmm…

Since we’ve been married my wonderful husband has taken great care of our cars.  I never check the oil.  In fact, I don’t have to!  The car I’m currently driving will tell you when the oil needs changed.  Love that!  The “change oil soon” light has been on for around a month a couple of days.  Brian usually takes care of these types of things but his schedule is crazy busy right now so I decided to take the car for an oil change.

I sent Brian a text and asked what he usually has done…did he want a “conventional” oil change or a “deluxe” oil change.  He let me know what to get — and NOT to let them talk me into anything else — and I was off.

I pulled into the oil place and they weren’t busy at all.  I was the only customer.  The four guys working were just sitting around until I pulled in.  They ALL got up to work on my car!  I told them I just wanted a basic oil change.  They got right to work!  One wanted me to pop the hood, another wanted me to test the turn signals, another wanted the car on and then off, and the fourth was trying to sell me stuff – all at the same time!  I have no idea what was going on or what I may or may not have agreed to.  They were here and there and everywhere.  Do I want a new type of oil that’s better for the environment?  Do I want them to flush my system?  (that’s kinda personal, don’t you think?)  Do I want some other routine upkeep that their computer says I need?  (how does their computer know what kind of upkeep I need?)  Help!

I have never been so happy to get out of someplace!  I have no idea what went on during that 15 minutes I was there.  But I sure hope they changed my oil!

Brian was very appreciative.  I told him he was welcome.  What I really meant was “never again buddy” and “you owe me big time”.  LOL! 

Oh, well.  I guess I owed it to him since I had him drive my car with an almost-empty gas tank on Monday. 

(No, I did NOT know that I have a 19 gallon tank and I needed 17.2 gallons to fill it up that day.)

(Doesn’t HE know that you can go quite far on almost 2 gallons of gas?  Geesh!). 

Now that I think about it, we might be even.

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