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February 24, 2012

Well, I was trying to do better updating the old blog but once again I’m behind.  I never wrote about our Super Bowl Party that never happened (well, it kinda happened with a much smaller crowd than planned) or some funny things the kids said that I wanted to remember.  I could blame the fact that I was without internet on my computer for two days because the dog chewed through the internet cord!  He also chewed through a fan cord (thankfully it wasn’t plugged in!).  He’s no longer allowed to be unsupervised. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m always playing catch-up.  I have things I want to do (or blogs I want to write) but just don’t make time to get them done.  *sigh*

Instead of worrying about things I’ve missed writing about, I’ll just jump right in where I’m at.  I think that’s what Flylady says to do anyways!  Speaking of Flylady, I should start doing her program to keep my house in order.  Do any of you use her methods for keeping things caught up around your house?  I wonder if Flylady ever gets distracted by things like facebook or pinterest?  I bet she doesn’t. 

Last weekend was a 4-day weekend and we all enjoyed a break from our normal routine.  Nick’s robotics team finished up their robot this week – they HAD to.  The deadline for building was Tuesday.  It moved but we’re not sure if it can go over the bridge or mid-court barrier.  It shoots basketballs but we’re not sure if it will actually shoot them into the hoop.  Their first competition is next weekend!  Hopefully it’ll work out okay.

Charlie continues to make progress.  He seems to really like Tay (and me too!).  He gets excited to see us if we’ve been away.  He finally started warming up to Brian this past weekend.  It’s taking a bit longer with Nick.  He’ll get there I’m sure.  He’s come a long way in two months.  He’s funny when we leave to go someplace.  I can tell him to go get in his cage and he will do it!  He also goes in every time I go into the bathroom.  He’s learned that I usually go in there before I leave the house.  Ha!  Something about our back door freaks him out a bit and he still needs assistance going outside.  Sometimes I have to drag him out the door!  Our fence is falling apart in places and we need to get it replaced so he can have freedom to RUN!  I think he’ll be so happy when that happens.   

Tay’s working on her science project.  It was optional and not due until April, but girlfriend doesn’t mess around with these things!   She’s been working on it for a while now and hopes to finish up the actual experiment this weekend.  Nick also has a project to work on this weekend.  It’s a “crafty” project.  He hates “crafty”.  I may or may not have provided a bit of help on the last “crafty” project (and I may or may not have gotten a 103% on that project…did I say II meant he…).  He was a bit over-ambitious in choosing this project so I did help him make a more appropriate selection.  Something he can actually complete on his own.  Unlike his sister, he has waited until the last minute to complete this project.  He forgot about it.  One of my children has my organizational skills.  One of them has Brian’s.  I’ll let you guess which one is which.  :)

Gotta go find some squirt bottles for my little scientist.  Will post pics later of all the projects going on around here this weekend.  Should be fun!

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