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No, I did not misread the recipe!

March 15, 2012

I baked some cookies for Brian to take to work today.  Sadly, they ended up in the trash rather than the break room at his office.  What a bummer! 

I decided to make sugar cookies.  That’s a bit of a process…running to the store because you’re out of flour, mixing up the dough, refrigerating the dough, rolling the dough, cutting the dough, baking the cookies, cooling the cookies, mixing the frosting, frosting the cookies.  And just when you think you’re all done there’s a huge mess to clean up.  Whew!  All that to discover that something tastes “off” in the cookies. 

Nick & I thought it might be the measurement for the salt.  We both thought they tasted a bit salty.  Brian didn’t taste the salt but did agree that something wasn’t right. 

This morning Nick noticed the cookies on the counter and asked if they were going to work with dad.  I told him they were not.  He was relieved to hear it.  Ha!  He then asks me if I may have misread the recipe.  He’s had 1.5 cooking classes at school and all of a sudden he’s a baking expert?  I assured him that I had NOT misread the recipe. 

Oh well.  On the bright side, we liked the frosting.  Guess I’ll keep that recipe for next time.  Does anyone have a great sugar cookie recipe?  Please share!

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