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Budget Cuts & Scheduling Classes

March 16, 2012

Our school district has had to make some tough budget cuts for the upcoming school year.  It’s really hitting home this week for many high school students as they work on scheduling their classes for next year.  They’re going from a 7-period day to a 6-period day.  Cutting one class my not seem like a huge issue to some (and maybe to some it isn’t) but when you have students (like one living at my house) who have had a plan for all four years of high school, it can be very frustrating. 

Nick’s plan for next year was to take his social studies requirement online this summer and then take two science classes during the school year (in addition to other required classes and a couple of electives).  The first problem with this plan came when I looked up the options for the online classes.  The prices are much higher than the classes he took last year and I just can’t justify spending THAT much money on classes he could take for free during the school year.  So now he has a tough decision to make concerning his classes.  He wants to take an AP Chemistry class.  He LOVES Chemistry.  He also wants to take a Physics class.  He could take the Physics class his senior year but that messes up his “grand plan” which involved taking AP Physics his senior year.  Ugh!  We only have a few days to figure this all out. 

Our scheduling issues just scratch the surface of what these budget cuts mean to the kids in our district.  Yes, there are some cuts that most people won’t feel (honestly, we personally haven’t felt cuts made in the past) but I can’t help but think of the younger kids that need a little extra help.  Will they still be able to get the speech therapy, reading tutoring and other help they may need?  I have a little friend who has benefited greatly from a little extra help in reading.  It makes me sad to think she may not get the help that she needs to continue improving her reading skills. 

I hated to break the news to Nick about not doing the classes in the summer.  He handled it very well.  He understood that it was not my fault.  His frustration was directed towards the man who heads up the “anit-Lakota” group (and has worked endlessly to defeat various school levies).  When we were discussing the issue and he brought up this man, Nick says, “He’s the Wil Wheaton to my Sheldon Cooper.”  Oh. My. Gosh.  Now I realize most of you will not understand that but those of you who watch “The Big Bang Theory” will find it as humorous as I did!  Ha!

In a bit of good news, it was reported yesterday that this “anti-Lakota” leader was let go from the group he had been leading due to some inappropriate comments he had made about the mothers in the school district.  Hopefully the people who had been following his lead will reevaluate where they stand and start making a positive difference for the students of Lakota!  Support your schools people!  Support your schools!

**For those of you who don’t watch “The Big Bang Theory” (bless your hearts), Wil Wheaton is Sheldon Cooper’s mortal enemy.  Click here to find out why!

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