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Last Day of Winter

March 19, 2012

So long, winter.

Hello, spring summer?

I loved the mild winter but was hoping for a little bit of spring!  Temps in the 80’s this week?  Crazy!

Flowers & trees are blooming.  Brian mowed the yard yesterday.  Tay is itchin’ for summer break. 

We’re getting another fence quote this afternoon.  Hopefully the dog will soon finding himself running free in the backyard.  I’m not sure he’ll know what to think!

This morning got off to a rough start.  The last two nights our house has been hot.  I cannot sleep when it’s hot so I’m tired.  Both kids woke up feeling sick and we sent them both back to bed.  My dryer is not working (ugh!).  At first I thought the settings were “off”, then I thought it was a timer problem, now I think it’s not getting hot (clearly, I have no clue).  Thankfully the kids’ clothes are caught up (and almost dry!).  Brian’s gonna check it out tonight but thinks we may have to call a repair man.  Boo!  Praying it can be fixed SOON and not cost a fortune.

(please excuse my whining!)

My heart is heavy today for two families (that I don’t know) who lost teenage boys in car accidents this weekend.  I can’t even imagine. 

My grandma just called to tell me about a dream she had.  She’s 94.  I just love her.  Makes my day when she calls.  Never know what she’s up to! 

I’m hooked on a new game called “Draw Something”.  It’s like one of my favorites – Pictionary.  I blame my DFF!  It’s such fun and hilarious to see some of the drawings people (myself included) come up with.  If you haven’t played it, you should get it ASAP.  And then look me up!  Warning:  I’m no artist (just ask my 7th grade art teacher!  Ha!). 

I guess I have the day off from doing laundry so I’ll try to get caught up on a few other things around the house.  Enjoy the last day of winter.  Try to stay cool!  :)

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