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Words on Wednesday

March 28, 2012

I was going to post a “Wordless Wednesday” but since it’s been a week since I’ve posted anything I thought I’d give you some words instead.  You’re welcome.  Ha!

My dryer is still not fixed.  We finally decided to call someone to come look at it.  He came on Monday.  The good news:  He found the problem.  It needs a new ignition system.  The bad news:  One of the parts needed to be ordered.  I got a call this morning that the part is in and they’ll be here on Friday to fix it.  It occasionally gives out a small amount of heat so I’ve been trying to do laundry in bits & pieces.  It’s been a LONG process and the laundry pile is growing faster than I can get it all clean and dried.  Two more days.  Two more days. 

In addition to my laundry woes, I got a virus on my computer.  I pretty sure it came through on an email from a friend at church.  I guess it’s not safe to click links from people you know!  Poor Brian had to wipe everything off of my computer and start everything from scratch.  So thankful he knows what he’s doing!  It was a week of computer problems for him as well.  He got a new computer only to find out it couldn’t do the one thing he really wanted it to do.  I’d explain it all to you but I don’t want to bore you with all the technical stuff.  Plus, I don’t understand all the technical stuff.

We got the permit to have our new fence put up.  If the weather cooperates it should be done next week sometime.  I can’t wait to let the dog run free!

Speaking of the dog, he sure is a sweet thing.  Tay and I are just crazy about him.  I think the guys like him too (although they’d never say they were crazy about him!).

Isn’t this weather great?  I love the nice spring temps and we’ve been counting down the days till Spring Break.  We’re not going anywhere but we are looking forward to a break from our routine of getting up at 5:15 in the morning. 

The robotics team has another competition here in Cincinnati next week. 

We had a friend over for lunch on Sunday.  About 15 minutes before he was due to arrive, I discovered that the ice machine had been turned off.  That may or may not have been my fault (I’m almost certain it was my fault.  Oops!).  Brian was kind enough to offer to go buy a bad of ice for me.  I told him we just needed a small bag.  He came home with 152 pounds of ice.  Seriously?  Oh well, I’m not complaining.  I actually prefer bagged ice. 

Saturday afternoon I got a call from a friend.  We keep up with each other on facebook but haven’t talked on the phone for a while.  She called because she missed  just to check up on me  to talk about the “Draw Something” game we had going on.  LOL!  What a riot! 

If you’re not playing “Draw Something” you’re really missing out.  Go download it now.  And then look me up. 

Is anyone watching Dancing with the Stars?  I’m loving this season.  And I do agree with the vote this week.  

Tay sang with an ensemble from school at a competition on Saturday.  They scored a “1” (which is the best score you can get!).  Way to go Tay.  

Nick made crepes at school today in his cooking class.  He was the only one who could flip it in the pan without dropping it.  We’re so proud.  

Taylor broke down and started reading “The Hunger Games”.  Just last week she was ready to punch someone if she heard another thing about it but I think curiosity must have gotten the best of her.  She said she really likes it and might even go see the movie with us.  She hates reading.  She also hates movies.  This book just might break through all that hatred.  Ha! 

Well, there ya go — words for  Wednesday (the blog word count says 720 words).  I bet you’re wishing I had kept things “wordless” today, huh?  I guess I better so get my kitchen cleaned up and see if I can get the dryer to dry anymore tonight.  You just never know.

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  1. Jean permalink
    March 28, 2012 7:45 pm

    I love all your words!!

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