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Spring Break Wrap-Up

April 12, 2012

Yes, I know Spring Break ended a few days ago but I’m just now getting around to writing about it.  I’ve been tired this week!  The end of Spring Break was fun but not at all restful! 

Nick started his break with an all night LAN party with his robotics team.  I had no idea what a LAN party even was (thank you google).  He had fun but spent the entire next day sleeping. 

Monday we just hung out at home.

Tuesday was my birthday.  I spent a fun-filled day waiting around on two different dryer repair guys (I’m happy to report that my dryer is working!).  We had a FUN birthday dinner together at Chili’s.  I love their chips & salsa.  So yummy!

We decided to get out of the house on Wednesday and spent the afternoon at the web.  Nick played two games of laser tag and both kids had fun playing the arcade games.  While Nick played his second game of laser tag, Tay and I sat at watched the go-carts.  There was a group of adults from a local bank there on a company outing and they were taking their turns on the go-carts.  HILARIOUS!  In each group there were four people driving.  There was usually a man who would quickly take the lead, followed by two women who would scream at every turn, and then the rear car who would hit the wall.  What a riot they were. 

On Thursday, Brian & Nick left home at 6:00 a.m. to meet up with the robotics team for the first day of the Queen City Regional.  Tay & I had lunch and went shopping.  Such excitement at the mall when we saw security (and then police) chasing a teenage girl through the mall!  Crazy!  My parents were in town for the robotics competition so Tay and I met them for dinner and swimming.

Friday and Saturday were spent at the Cintas center cheering on Team 1038.  They had a rough morning on Friday but pulled it together and did much better Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  We were ranked 20th when the alliance selections started Saturday afternoon.  The top 8 teams each pick two teams to compete with them in the finals.  The selections were almost over and we had not been chosen to move forward.  I leaned over to tell Tay that I thought we were done (which thrilled her since she wanted to go home!).  Just as I said that the #3 ranked team chose us to move on!  Yay!  The afternoon consisted of the quarter finals, semi finals, and then the finals.  Your alliance has to win 2 out of three matches to move on to the next round.  We were beyond excited that our alliance made it all the way to the finals!  This was as exciting as any sporting event you’ve ever seen.  We ended up losing in the finals by TWO POINTS!  What a tough match!  Our team won a finalist award and a team spirit award.  So proud of them! 

Sunday was Easter and we had a fun party with our middle school youth at church and then a great church service.  We were supposed to go to Brian’s mom’s for the afternoon but my father-in-law had an accident at work a few days before and wasn’t feeling well so we postponed our Easter celebration.  We came home from church and crashed! 

No one was thrilled to return to school/work on Monday.  One more day off would have been nice!  Now, let the countdown to summer begin!

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