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Weekend Wrap-Up

April 16, 2012

Friday night was “Spring Weekend” for our youth group.  It was an all night event but we just went for the evening.  The kids weren’t thrilled about going (they like to come home and crash after a long week of 5:30 wake-up calls) but I think they’re glad they went.  I’m glad we went too!  We had a guest speaker who talked to the kids about finding their identity in their relationship with God and not in sports, looks, entertainment, etc.  Really good!

Saturday was a rainy day at home.  We loved it!  It’s not often that we have an entire day at home.  I worked on cleaning up our closet.  I was hoping to find the jeans that have gone missing.  No luck.  I’m wondering if I left them in Knoxville when we were there for the robotics competition.  I can’t think of anywhere else they could be!  I also watched the first half of the 7th Harry Potter movie.

Sunday morning was a great morning at church followed by a relaxing afternoon at home for three of us.  I finished the movie I started yesterday and caught up on about 8 weeks worth of newspapers that had been piling up.  Brian had a training session at church and then he headed to Springfield to visit his step-dad in the hospital. 

Nick wasn’t thrilled about going to school today (although he was looking forward to some big Chemistry lab).  I reminded him that each day he goes is one day closer to summer! 

I gotta go get ready to head out for dinner with my Book Club.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.  Can we still be considered a “Book Club” if we haven’t actually read a book together in months?  I’ll try to remember to ask if anyone’s read any good books lately.  That should keep our status as a Book Club!

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  1. Nick permalink
    April 16, 2012 6:05 pm

    No, we aren’t glad we went. You know that and we know that.

    • April 17, 2012 11:56 am

      Sorry I said something that wasn’t true. Your sister did say she was glad she went! I thought you liked it too. My bad!

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