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Bad Customer Service

April 18, 2012

Bad customer service gets on my last nerve.  Is it too much to expect for people to be polite and do a good job when you’re giving them your business?  Sometimes I think it is!  Sometimes I think it’s lack of training companies give their employees and other times I think it’s just a lack of common sense.

When I was a teenager I worked at a local fast food place.  The managers there expected us to do a good job and taught us the things we needed to know to do our best.  We were taught everything from what to say when greeting a customer to how to make productive use of our time when we weren’t busy.  I’ll never forget the favorite saying of one of the managers.  “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”  There was no “hanging out” or standing around like you see teenagers (and some adults) doing these days when you walk into a business. 

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at the things that go on.

A few weeks ago I was in a store buying some new drinking glasses.  I got in line and the woman in front of me was returning something.  When it was my turn, I set the glasses on the counter.  The cashier looked at the glasses.  Then she looked at me and says, “did you want to buy these?” 


Did I want to buy them?

I said, “No.  I just thought they were cute and wanted to show them to you.”

Okay, so I didn’t really say that.  But I was tempted!

And then a couple of days ago I stopped by a little pet store for some dog food.  I was the only customer in the store.  When I entered I noticed one employee standing at the registers and two others stocking shelves (it’s a small store and you can pretty much see everything when you go in).  I walked to the back and grabbed some dog food and headed to the register.  When I got there the girl looked at me and then walked away.  She then goes to stand in the main aisle near one of the girls stocking shelves.  I thought maybe she didn’t know how to run the register (I had not seen her in there before) and was going to tell the other girl I was ready.  Nope.  She fiddled with some stuff in the cart, looked at me, fiddled some more, looked at me again, and then just stood there.  The other girl came out to grab some things from the cart and also looked my direction.  So at this point there are TWO employees looking at me but neither one making a move to actually help me.  Had I not needed to get going to pick up the kids I would have stood there for a while to see how long this could go on.  I finally asked if there was anyone who could help me out!  It was all I could do not to give these girls a lesson in good customer service.  Somehow I managed to bite my tongue! 


It drives my kids crazy but I sometimes use these situations to teach them a lesson on how they should act towards people when they have a job.  They hate when I use “other people’s mistakes/behaviors” to teach them something!  I just don’t want them to be the kid someone ends up blogging about!

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