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How’s Your Driving?

April 27, 2012

My driving is fine. 

This guy’s…

Not so much!

I was driving home this morning, after taking Tay to school, and came upon this truck trying to turn onto Hamilton Mason.  He made several attempts before he hit that guard rail.  If you look closely you can see part of his front bumper in the road.

Then he decides he’s going to back up.  I think he’s doing this so he can make that turn but find out he’s actually trying to turn completely around to get back on Cincinnati Dayton Rd.  In the process of doing this, he backs into that telephone pole.  Several of us were honking at him trying to get him to stop before he hit the pole but he kept right on going!


He finally got turned in the direction he wanted to go and stopped to get out and see what he hit.  I’m thankful no one was hurt and that it didn’t happen a half hour earlier when there were lots of teenage drivers out there making their way to school!

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