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May Day!

May 1, 2012

Is it really May?  How did that happen?  The best part of looking at this brand new month?  “Last Day of School” is listed on May 31!  Woot!  Only 21 more school days (this does not count the weekends…I’ve been told you do not count the weekends!). 

It seems like just yesterday we were dropping the kids off for their first day of 7th & 10th grade.  And now they’ll soon be in 8th & 11th grade!  Yikes!  Seriously, where does the time go? 

Nick had a FUN time away with the robotics team.  He’s still trying to catch up on his sleep.  And his school work.

Tay is taking OAA test this week.  She had reading on Monday and has math tomorrow.  She’s still waiting to hear if she got into Vocal Chamber for music next year. 

We finally got our fence up.  The only problem now is convincing the dog that it’s okay to run free!  He’ll run around when we’re out there but isn’t sure about being out there alone.  I think he misses us.  LOL! 

Speaking of the dog…the sweet little guy likes his routines.  I’ve messed him up a bit by changing things in the morning.  He was waiting to go out until everyone was up but has a little “accident” last week so I’m making him go out earlier than usual.  Tay gets him out of his cage and then he comes into the kitchen for me to give him a hug (seriously, he does) and then he walks into the living room to check out what Tay is eating for breakfast.  Usually he’d follow me upstairs at this point to make sure Nick is up and then he’d go outside before coming in to have breakfast.  He now goes outside BEFORE we make sure Nick is up.  He still runs upstairs with me but then heads right back down and starts barking for his breakfast!  LOL!  He’s just beside himself with excitement when I come down to fix his food and runs around like a mad man!  Cracks me up.

Well, I’m off to fold some laundry, clean out my car and do a few other things around the house.   The fun never ends!

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