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Friday Night Fun

May 25, 2012

Friday nights are usually pizza night around here.  Has been since Nick was in kindergarten.  It used to be pizza & movie night but one member of our family isn’t wild about movies so now it’s just pizza night.  Once in a while we mix it up a bit, but not often.  Tonight was one of those nights.

Brian’s BFF got engaged several months ago.  His fiance’ lives in another state and is here visiting so we invited them over for a cookout.  We grilled some BBQ chicken.  I also made a southwest salad, milk boiled corn on the cob, and some yummy fruit dip (click for recipes*). 

When we have cookouts I usually reach for the paper plates & plastic ware.  Classy, I know. 

Tonight I decided to set a colorful table…

I love it! 

After dinner we sat around and talked for a while and then headed out back to play some corn hole.  The finance’ had never played corn hole.  I told her that when I threw a bean bag on the board her job was to try to throw her beanbag to push mine into the hole.  She believed me and may have thought we were working together as a team.  We weren’t.    I had to confess that I wasn’t giving her the right information and explained the correct way to play the game. 

It was a fun evening and now we’re looking forward to a nice, relaxing, long weekend! 

*Note on the recipes:  I left the chips out of the salad.  When making the fruit dip I did not beat the cream cheese and then gradually add the fluff.  I just threw it all in the bowl and let my mixer work it’s magic.  Easy peasy!

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