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Busy Day

May 30, 2012

Today was a busy day.  It started out as normal – packing lunches (only one today), making breakfast, feeding the dog, and taking Tay to school.  I came home from dropping her off and cleaned the bathrooms, straightened up the house, and started some laundry.  The “bug guy” stopped by around 10:30 and sprayed.  We’ve had a bit of an issue with ants (yuck).  I had a few minutes to enter a stack of receipts in the checkbook before heading out to pick Nick up from school.  He had early release after his exams today.  We went out to lunch together and then I dropped him off before heading back out to pick up Tay.  She got out an hour early today too.  I brought her home and watched a little t.v. (and maybe dozed off a minute or ten) and then headed out to the grocery and pet store.  I was glad to get a lot done today but am thankful that most days aren’t quite as busy.

This evening the weather cooled off and was so nice out!  After dinner we sat out in the sunroom for a while and then ran around the yard with the dog.  He’s not thrilled about being outside so we try to spend a little time out there with him to (hopefully) get him used to it.  I forgot to take any pics to post tonight so I snapped this one while we were outside.

So cute!

Tomorrow is the last day of school!  I think we’re all looking forward to it and have plans after school that just may become a new last day of school tradition.  I’ll tell you about that tomorrow!

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