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Shopping for Glasses: Boys vs Girls

July 6, 2012

I recently began looking for a new eye doctor.  I did what I do whenever I need a new doctor (or fence person, or dryer repair man), I asked my facebook friends.  I got several suggestions and found two that were on our insurance plan.  I researched them both and then chose the one with the most experience  with the best education  closest to my house. 

Tay got to go first because she was almost out of contact lenses.  While we were waiting for her exam we began looking for a new pair of glasses.  She knew she did not want plastic frames so that helped narrow down our search.  She quickly found SEVEN pair that she liked and that looked good on.  We then worked on narrowing it down to find the perfect pair.  She was happy with her choice and they look great on. 

(I should have taken a picture to insert here!)

Yesterday was Nick’s turn to go for an eye exam.  Like with Tay’s visit, we checked in and then looked at the glasses while we waited.  I asked if there was anything he knew for sure he wanted or didn’t want.  Not really.  He was quickly scanning the first set of men’s glasses.  I pointed out a pair that I thought was nice.  He said he was looking at those too so I told him to try them on.  He put them on, looked in the mirror, and immediately declared that those were the glasses he was getting.


I mentioned that maybe he’d want to look around a bit more and try on a few more styles.

He didn’t see the need to do that.  He liked the first pair and that was the pair he was getting!

I did convince him to try one more pair but he didn’t like the feel of those.  The first pair was it!

Thankfully the optician agreed that he had chosen a nice pair and they fit him well.  I’m sure he was the easiest customer she’s ever had!

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