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Tuesday Ten

July 24, 2012

1.  I’ve had good intentions of blogging this summer but have not been good at following through with it.  We’ve had a pretty “chillaxin” summer and some days there just isn’t that much to report. 

2.  I slept till 10:00 yesterday morning.  I never sleep till 10:00 in the morning!  Strange.

3.  Tay’s been taking guitar lessons for a month now.  Her teacher continually praises her and tells me how good she’s doing.  Girlfriend practices a lot!  She get’s stickers for practicing and we found out tonight that when her sticker page is full she will get a prize from the treasure chest!  LOL!  I think they need a different incentive for their teenage students.  :)

4.  You can check out Tay’s guitar progress on my youtube channel.  (Yes, I have a youtube channel.  I’m cool like that.)

5.  Last Thursday the kids and I participated in “Serve 1” with our youth group.  Our youth pastor has set up five service days throughout the summer.  We spent the morning at an assisted living/nursing home playing chair volleyball and other games with the residents.  We drove to Lebanon for the afternoon to play bingo and make jewelry with the wonderful people at the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  I’ll be posting pictures on my facebook page (I won’t post them here for privacy reasons).  I didn’t get a picture during the Bingo playing.  I didn’t want to leave the people I was playing with to take pictures and realized later it was a good idea I didn’t start taking pictures during the game.  I could have disrupted the entire thing.  As we were gathering to leave, one of the guys came over and motioned for me to take a picture of him with our youth group.  I was happy to do that for him.  Once I took that one picture we were flooded with requests for pictures!  They LOVED posing with our kids and would get little groups together and want their pictures taken.  One man only wanted his picture with the girls in our group!  The kids were great sports and posed for many pictures before heading home.  It was neat to see our youth step up and really interact with the people at both locations.  I was so proud of them!

6.  I’m so not ready for school to start (and the 5:00 a.m. alarm) but we have started thinking about back to school shopping.  Tay ordered some clothes online tonight and we’re going shopping with my mom next week.  We’re going out to get her school supplies later this week.  Nick says he just needs a couple t-shirts and he’ll be good to go.  LOL! 

7.  Charlie has come so far and has gotten very social when people come to our house.  He has taken a slight step backwards though when it comes to taking walks.  He will go a couple of houses from ours and then just stop and try to return home.  Brian tried to take him one night when I was out and he refused to even walk out the front door.  One night he struggled with me so much that he got out of his harness and ran away from me.  Thankfully we were on our street and he ran home and waited for me on the porch.  Anyone have any ideas what would cause a dog to do this?  I don’t know if something spooked him or maybe he just doesn’t like the heat! 

8.  Nick finished his classroom sessions for driver’s ed (and was the only one in his class of 66 kids to score 100% on the final test!).  He’s getting ready to start his in-car sessions.  He’s been working with us to get in his practice time and is doing great.  He and Brian were out (on the highway!) this morning when a big storm hit.  I know he needs practice in all types of driving conditions but I was worried!  Brian said he handled it really well.

9.  Speaking of Charlie (yes, we were…see #7), when something we’re having for dinner smells good he will walk around the table and bark while we’re eating.  LOL!  It’s funny and annoying all at the same time. 

10.  I still need to exercise today.  I don’t want to exercise.  But I will.

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