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Look Both Ways When Crossing the Street

August 6, 2012

Nick’s had his temps for a while now and has recently been doing more driving.  Yesterday he drove me & Tay to and from church.  He does a great job!  There was that one moment on the way home when I told him to go ahead and turn, when I really should have told him to wait for a car to pass.  I think it was around that time that Tay declared she would be having her dad teach her drive.  LOL!

It wasn’t till we were almost home, on our very own street, that something happened that shocked us all.  I’ve warned Nick time and time again (till he’s sick of hearing it, I’m sure) to watch out for kids on our street.  There are a couple of kids who do not look before entering the street on their scooters and bikes.  I came very close to hitting one of them one day.  I never thought I’d need to warn him about adults!

We had turned on our street and were almost home.  There was a man out finishing up his yard work and I saw him walking towards the street with his leaf blower to clean up his grass from the street.  I didn’t say anything to Nick at this point because I figured he saw the man too AND I thought the man would take a step or two into the street to take care of his mess.  I WAS WRONG!  He walked OUT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR CAR!   Brian was in his car behind us and was just as shocked at what he was seeing as we were!  We almost ran over this man!

(I’m fairly certain that running over an adult neighbor would do nothing to boost the confidence of a new driver.)

People, look both ways when you’re going into the street!  Apparently that’s a lesson we need to learn when we’re three AND forty-three!

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