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Lately on the iPhone

August 18, 2012

A few days ago I needed to delete some pictures from my phone to make room in my cloud.

(I really have no idea what that means)

Sounds like a good excuse for a photo post. 

Here’s whats been going on lately…

This picture was from a few months ago and I forgot about blogging it.  Can you see what’s going on here?  We pulled up to the bank and this truck had knocked down the open/closed sign and was stuck!  That’s my car in the other lane.  Nick asked to get out and take a picture!  Of course I let him (what kind of blogger would I be if I had said “no”?).  I think we can all agree that when driving a u-haul truck we should park and go inside to do our banking. 

This was earlier this summer as we were driving through West Chester.  Two guys in kilts.  Not something you see every day!

Brian and I stopped at a local garden center and this little guy about gave me a heart attack!

Fried pickles!  Earlier this week, Tay and I met my mom for lunch and shopping.  She happened to mention that the restaurant was giving away fried pickles if you had their loyalty card.  As luck would have it, I had one!  Tay and I had never tried fried pickles before.  I’m hooked! 

I love things with stars on them.  We were dying when we saw these shirts in the MEN’S department.  Seriously?  Would a man wear these?  My mom almost bought one for my 94-year-old grandma but then decided it was too drab for grandma.  Grandma’s got style! 

Extreme couponing anyone?  A friend gave me a bunch of coupons (she had already used a bunch on the same thing) and I couldn’t pass up using all 18 (not all at once).  The store paid me 78 cents per box.  Love a money-making coupon!  Speaking of coupons, I have fallen off the coupon bandwagon.  One of my goals for this school year is to get myself organized and get back to saving on our grocery budget. 

Nick’s been doing his “in-car” driver’s ed (and I snuck a picture!).  He’s doing great.  He & Brian drove to Springfield today so he could get some practice on the highway.

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