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Tuesday Ten

September 4, 2012

1.  We were supposed to go to Brian’s mom’s on Saturday but his grandma is in the hospital and not doing well so our plans changed.  We enjoyed a nice, relaxing, long weekend.  Brian and I even watched a couple of movies.  I can’t tell you the last time I watched a movie.

2.  Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and Tay said she needed jeans.  I told her the only thing I had downstairs was a pair of jeggings so she wore those.  Later that day I grabbed her laundry that needed done and noticed there weren’t jeans in the hamper.  I asked where she put her clean jeans and she pretty much said “wherever”.  I then proceeded to lecture her on getting her laundry organized and making sure she knew where her jeans were.  After a successful lecture I headed downstairs to the laundry room.  I opened the washer and discovered a load of her laundry with lots of jeans.  Oops!  Everybody makes mistakes!  And even mom’s have to apologize sometimes. 

3.  We rediscovered our love for Cassanno’s pizza.  We’ve eaten there after church the past two Sundays.  So good.  I want to go again soon!

4.  I’m not supposed to eat a lot of carbs.  This makes #3 a bit of an issue.

5.  Drop-off at Tay’s school and pick-up at Nick’s have been a nightmare.  I’m not sure what’s changed from last year but oh my goodness.  What a mess.

6.  I want to decorate some cookies.  My DFF and I took a cookie decorating class last year (or was it two years ago?) and all of a sudden I’m wanting to make some cookies.  I’ve been looking at all kinds of cookie blogs and need to get busy and practice. 

7.  Are you on Pinterest?  If not, I feel sorry for you.  Ha!  I love trying new recipes and have always liked finding recipes online.  I’ve been trying some from Pinterest and will post about it soon.

8.  I’m running out of things to write about.  I’ve retyped #8 several times but then decided the things weren’t worth sharing or I wasn’t ready to share them yet.

9.  I need to download some exercise music onto my phone.  Suggestions?  I might start “couch to 5K” (of course I’ve been planning on starting it for about 5 months). 

10.  We’re getting quotes for finishing our basement.  It’s exciting and frustrating all at the same time.

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